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Supreme Lawn Care and Landscaping

You grow it, we mow it.

For top-notch lawn care and landscaping work, hire only Supreme Lawn Care and Landscaping. Work with us today!

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We Are Supreme Lawn Care and Landscaping

Our Mission

Our team strives to provide the highest quality of workmanship in terms of lawn care and landscaping services. We have made it our goal to take care of our clients' properties throughout the process.

Lawn Pro

Better Business Bureau 

Lawn Mowing

Full Cleanup


How We Started

Supreme Lawn Care and Landscaping is a family-owned and operated business based in Rio Vista, Texas. We started as a mowing company, providing high-quality sod installation and mowing services. We deliver an excellent customer experience, which truly helped our business grow.

Meet the Owner

Our owner began mowing lawns on the side from his off days. It soon became his full-time job, and he worked at Careflite for 24 hours on and 48 hours off. He wanted to do something and earn extra income in his spare time while. In March 2019, he started Supreme Lawn Care and Landscaping.

He bought a 48-inch Bobcat riding mower, as well as a push mower, weed eater, blower, and a small trailer. From there, he started mowing lawns.

The Rise of the Business

From two customers, our owner’s clientele eventually grew. Now, his business has branched out into a full-service lawn mowing and landscaping company, specializing in lawn mowing, sod installation, patio installation, and more.

Supreme Lawn Care and Landscaping is still a small business, but the sky's the limit. We are now putting up our second lawn mowing trailer!

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